Boiler creates tools and spaces for learning, collaboration and art with a focus on environmental and societal change.

Moderating conversations

28th of September with Lisa Taddeo at the Stockholm Cultural House. 
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Boiler teaches the teachers. 

Supporting Malmö Academy of Arts and others with coaching in diversity and inclusiveness. 


Foodology is an experience for collaborative learning and reflection in a playful way. Great food and conversations matter. 

Interested to learn what Foodology can do for you and your organisation? Contact us for more information. 

Festival of Sketching

4th and 5th of October 2021 Lund/Malmö

Traces of sketching is en exploratory project on the value of the incomplete in art, design, pedagogy and societal change. The project is initiated by Boiler and is done in collaboration with Malmö University, University of Lund, Konstfack, Förnyelselabbet/SVID, DesignForum SYD and  Skissernas Museum/Museum of Artistic Process and Public Art


Taking care of our change-makers matter. At the heart of every transformation lies the question of sustainability and endurance.

How to have the stamina for the long term and the energy for the short term?

How to share the burden of engagement with others?

How to balance the restleddness of the visionary possibilities with step by step implementation?

Tender Transformation is a knowledge platform offering courses and coaching in how to use reflection, recuperation, networks and dialogue to build stronger change-makers and ensure a more sustainable transformation.

Tender Transformation is a collaboration between Boiler, Settings and MicroAction Movement.

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︎Support groups in learning, trust and collaborative practices

︎Teach facilitation, dialogue and involvement across disciplines and experiences

︎Create and moderate experiences, conferences and meetings

︎Support organizations in developing a more inclusive and creative way of working

︎Support individuals and groups in navigating complex challenges


Boiler collaborates in a network of facilitator, artists, designers, and writers in the intersection of science and societal change

Some of our clients 2021

Pernilla Glaser is a facilitator and lecturer who has worked both with public and private sector. She has extensive experience in coaching change and collaborative processes with particular skill in interdisciplinary contexts. Her main focus has been innovative learning-environments and the intersection between artistic practice and urban development. She has worked with numerous research-platforms and curated processes for collaboration between research and art, civil society and various societal institutions.

Pernilla is also writer who has published a number of novels. Her book on collaborative practice “Translating Difference – making community through play” can be bought from Boiler. Pernilla is a regular guest-teacher at various design and art-schools.

“Your course is a great place to breath”
Student at the Academy of Dance and Circus


Timothy Morton, Philosopher and author of among others HyperObjects and Being Ecological


︎ pernilla@boiler.one
︎ emelie@anneroth.se