JULY 2020
- Four courses you don’t want to miss this fall

Starting this autumn Boiler has develop a concept called the Boiler spices. It is a collection of four different courses:
The healing game - on how to recover and, not re-create (because we don´t want the old back), but create with yourself and your team.
Leading complexity – how to surf challenges and conflict as a caring leader.
Writing your way back home - on writing as a tool for reflection and finding your way, and the popular course Inclusive facilitation, now with a digital focus and in collaboration with the amazing Voksenåsen.

You can join alone or with your team. Get in touch at and we will feed you the details. Below you can read more about the Boiler spices and find some tasters. We hope you like the taste of it!

The Healing Game
How to recover, rest and reflect with your organization.

This is a course on how to use playful interaction as methods to allow your team constructive reflection on the challenges, losses and complexity that the corona pandemic has caused and how to move forward in new and improved ways.

We work with trust, support and recilience and share various methods on how co-creation and peer to peer-mentoring can be tools for this.

The course departures from the partcipants experiences and uses artistic methods such as writing, visualization and play as well as working on feedback and strategies for active listening.

This module can be three two-hour workshops run digitally or physically or a tailormade process for your specific needs.

Responsible facilitator: Pernilla Glaser

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Leading in complexity

If you are head of operation, leading teams or projects or facilitating in other formal or informal ways you are familiar with obstacles and reflecting on how to lead others in uncertainty and crisis.

In an increasingly complex world ideals and methods on leadership is overturned. Many challenges today are more complex than can be handled by a single individual or one are of competence. Leaders need new tools that assist in identifying and framing the essential questions and simultainously make space for an exploratory way of working.

Key-factors in successfully leading others in complexity is the courage to try new ideas (and reject them without regrets or shaming when they don’t work), be responsive and prioritize questions over answers.

The Boiler leadership-program provides you with tools and a platform for knowledge-exchange with others. We work close to the participants practices and use each others challenges to prototype solutions. We create a space for trust and ambiguity where we can explore what we might have previously taken for granted and share painful failures.

The course can be designed as a two hour lecture with interactive elements or a longer course with a series of workshops that mixes theory with practical exercises. The longer course also adresses how to handle resistance and fear when leading transformations.

Responsible facilitator;  Kersti Hedqvist

Writing your way home

Boiler’s Creative Writing Workshops are for anyone interested in exploring or deepening an idea through creative writing process, developed by John-Paul Zaccarini, Professor at Stockholm’s University of the Arts. These can be:

·      project ideas you are working with in the present or ideas you want to develop for the future
·      questions, problems or situations you want to clarify within a group or team
·      personal issues you want to explore

The Workshops can be adapted to almost any field; so far we have worked with artists, teachers, students in the arts, adminstrators and companies who want to find ways to deepen their understanding of working processes, how to clarify goals or simply how to refresh their methodologies.

We can customize the workshops for your needs or specific challenges and can be done with groups or individuals. They can be done via Zoom, or via an instruction video.

There are modules on autobiography, memoir, poetry, fiction, spoken word and essay formats. These are also useful for aspiring writers who want guided sessions on working with their writing projects.

Responsible facilitator; John-Paul Zaccarini

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